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Super Immune Essentials


1 Probiotic Kefir Water

1 Pack Super Immune 60 CAPS

12 Ujuice Turmeric Ginger Lime

1 pack of MSM 60 caps


Nano Curcumin, Ginger, Red Korean Ginseng, Astaxanthin and 100% Vitamin D fight off free radicals, and Inflammation with a delicious twist that you won't believe is anti viral too! Healthy and tasty usually don't go hand in hand but we have changed that  Did U Juice today?


Probiotics are a type of beneficial bacteria found in your gut that play an integral role in almost every aspect of health. Using Water Kefir will replace the good bacteria, fight off infections, improve immunity and has numerous other benefits while being  lactose free.


With immunity at the forefront of everyone's mind, Super immune is here to save the day! It it more important than ever to build yourself up with this miracle master blend. Red Korean Ginseng, Nano Curcumin, Astaxanthin, Artemisinin 98%, Golden Seal masterfully mixed to boost your immune strength to fight against

viruses and everyday illness.


Although MSM isn't included in the Super Immune Essentials Package MSM is a great add on for those who suffer with Asthma or other pulmonary issues. MSM is known to   strengthen the lungs and helps to regulate the fluid that covers the surface of the airways, improving oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange, while reducing inflammation. Dr. Livet especially recommends pairing this product with a Nebulizer.


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Uchenna Hackett

Naturopathic Doctor & Master Herbalist

Jennifer Hackett

Certified Hifu specialist

Denisce Walker Totesau

Certified Colonic Therapist