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Health Assessments
Discover what your blood chemistry and body composition is telling you with any one of our Holistic Health Assessments. With Dr. Livet you get; Functional Blood Chemistry Assessment, Bio-electrical Impedance Analysis (BIA). An accurate guide for your diet plans, workout, weight management and health evaluation to achieve life-long optimal health.


We Assess: 

Past medical History 

Blood Pressure


Urine Analysis

PH of Saliva and  Urine 

 Emotional Eating Habits Analysis

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Colon Hydro therapy
Colon Hydrotherapy Cleanse. A healthy colon and digestive system is critical to achieving perfect health. A clogged colon is a breeding ground for candida albicans (fungal infection caused by yeast), parasites, bacteria and other harmful microorganisms. Unhealthy diets and stress are the root causes for the bodies inability to cleanse itself from waste naturally. The result is a colon that is constipated sensitive, sore, ballooned, gas filled, inflamed or pro lapsed. Give your Colon a much needed detox, some clients lose as much as 5 lbs of waste after there first treatment.

colon hydrotherapy

Promotes a healthy gastrointestinal system

Relieves constipation

Kick-starts Weight loss

Increases energy

Improves concentration

Potentially decreases risk of Colon Cancer

Increase absorption of vitamins

increase fertility

Infrared Sauna
Enjoy the detoxifying and therapeutic benefits of our beautifully designed Sauna room and burn up to 600 calories per session! Our 360-panel wave Infrared sauna is a great treatment that can expedite the detoxification process as it heats up your body tissues. Frequent use of the sauna greatly improves the skin and can help reduce toxic load significantly. This will not only purge your body of heavy metals and chemicals, but it will also help eradicate viruses, microbes and cancerous cells. An infrared sauna has proven to be effective for muscle soreness, pre and post-sport activities.

far infrared SAUNA

  Flushes heavy metals and toxins
  Aids Muscle Recovery
  Soothes joint paint
  Improves brain health: Lower risk of dementia and Alzheimer
  Relieves stress
  Induce deeper sleep
  Helps body to produce white blood cells more rapidly
  Clear sinus
  Cleanse skin

Liver Gallbladder Flush
A Liver Gallbladder flush is a detoxing process that can save you thousands in health costs. At Livet we give you a fully supervised over night treatment with a private facility to comfortably release the toxins form your body. Our specialized treatment have been used for emergency and as a precautionary measure with stunning results of removing gallstones.


Purifies blood and lymph systems

Improves skin

Improves eye health

Aids in absorption of vitamins and minerals

Feel Stronger and more energized

Improves Immune System

Our Bio electrical Impedance Analysis scale is a class 2 medical device verified by MRI and Dexa bone scans to accurately test your total body composition. If you’ve been training hard at the gym or dieting and haven’t seen the desired results, this is the most effective way of identifying where you went wrong. BIA scales specifically measures body fat, visceral fat, muscle and water mass, bone density and basal metabolic rate. We use your basal metabolic rate as a guide to customize meal plans accurately, so you can effortlessly achieve your weight loss or gain weight.

Bio Electrical Impedance ANALYSIS

Body Age


Body Fat Percentage

Muscle Percentage

Body Water Percentage

Visceral Fat/ Fatty Liver Risk

Protein and Mineral