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About Uchenna Hackett aka Dr. Livet

Uchenna Hackett "Dr. Livet" is a certified Holistic nutritional counselor, Master Herbalist, Functional blood Chemistry Practitioner, Naturopathic Doctor, Independent medical plant researcher, Certified Massage Therapist, Energy Healer, AstroNumerologist and Health Radio Show Host.

The Birth of Livet Health Fitness Beauty Spa

The Birth of Livet Health Fitness Beauty Spa

The Livet Wellness Ltd was founded in 2011 by Uchenna Hackett to improve the lives of his clients through a holistic integrative approach. Before this journey stared, Uchenna struggled with Arthritic pains, Candida, was over 100 lbs over weight, had high cholesterol, and sinus issues, all at the age of 22! After going to a medical doctor to cure his sinus problems, he was diagnosed with early stages of bronchitis and was prescribed a steroid inhaler for life. Needless to say, this was not the outcome he was hoping for. This triggered him to research a more natural approach to healing and dozens of health books later, he was inspired to start a 30 day water fast. The results were amazing, sinuses significantly improved, he lost 60 lbs, pain dissipated, cholesterol and glucose normalized and with a plant based diet he continued to see positive changes over the years. He was convinced that nature has the answers we need to solve our health concerns.

Fast forward 12 years in 2011, Uchenna had the opportunity to learn from the great author and healer Dr. Llaila Afrika. Dr. Afrika's book and course on African Holistic health is based on over 40 years of experience and was created for every aspect of healing including, race (Ethno medicine), emotional wellness and herbs to reverse Chronic lifestyle diseases. Dr. Afrika's life work inspired Uchenna to create the Livet P.H.D (Perfect Health Discovered) program to reverse Chronic Lifestyle diseases. Uchenna saw the word DIEt, and observed the first three letters spell DIE, a word that should never be associated with the very thing that gives us life, food! He wanted to change the narrative from DIE to LIVE and the name Livet was born! Uchenna, now called Dr. Livet by his clients, met his wife Jennifer in 2012 as a client and she also had many health challenges like Lichen Planus, PCOS, and acne rosacea. Her doctor told her it would be difficult for her to conceive children because of the severity of her PCOS. After just one month on the program her health improved significantly and she no longer needed steroids and other medications used for many years. An ultrasound confirmed her PCOS was gone and she later conceived with many healthy pregnancies, all natural home births with no complications.

In 2012 Dr. Livet started the Livet Health show on i95.5 fm and promoted his new found passion to educate listeners about his African Holistic health approach to healing. He later hosted an annual event called H.E.A.L featuring Dr. Afrika and many other leading experts like Dr. Tullio Simoncini, Dr. Akbar Khan, Dr. Leonard Coldwell and world renowned Astro Numerologist Lloyd Strayhorn to explore various approaches and new insights on holistic healing. Dr. Livet has helped over 4000 clients achieve optimal health using clinically attained results over a decade.

A NEW ERA IN HOLISTIC HEALTH is finally here, The Livet Wellness Centre is now Livet Health Fitness and Beauty spa! Today the new Livet H.F.B Spa gives you the most comprehensive clinic for transforming your Health, Fitness and Beauty needs, utilizing the world’s most effective natural, medical and cosmetic technologies. We know fast and effective results matter, so we provide you with the tools to achieve your health and fitness goals quickly, easily and affordably at any age. Think of Livet as your one stop shop for perfect health!